Our Story

Palacios Furniture began from a passion for crafting unique and exquisite furniture pieces that would spark conversation and intensify the love of design and living spaces. During His childhood, founder and owner RL Palacios recalls accompanying His Father to Lumber Yards in search of fresh or reclaimed wood from recycled sources to craft practical yet compelling pieces for the Home.

"Our home became a canvas, adorned with captivating and eclectic pieces sourced from destinations spanning from Brazil to the Netherlands. This journey ignited a lifelong passion for the essence of craftsmanship and the allure of unique furniture."

Founded in the heart of Sacramento, CA, as a family-owned venture, we've dedicated ourselves to curating a unique collection that blends timeless aesthetics with modern comfort. With a single, remarkable location and a strong online presence, we take pride in providing not just furniture, but the essence of cherished memories and inviting spaces. Join us as we continue to transform houses into homes with our commitment to quality, unique designs, timeless styles for an eternal experience, because you are our greatest value!

Our Destinies Evolved